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Mar 2009 07


What is DBUI. Its a gtk interface to mysql databases. You might say a database editor. Its still in its very early stages but you can fully search,update, add, and delete any mysql database.

Author: Ian Johnson


version 0.4.0 is now out! (hey don’t laugh I worked hard)


  • View and edit mysql and postgres databases.
  • Create your own Views.
  • Execute standard sql queries to both mysql and msql.
  • show result sets in a columned list
  • Graphically create joins



  • Store favorite logins
  • Add/Update 2 or more tables at a time
  • Force rescan of databases.
  • Update tables after query if needs be
  • Better documentation
  • More drivers (Oracle,DB2, Postgres)
  • Things that you might like to see


Latest Stable release dbui 0.4.0

With this release comes the ability to graphically specify joins, show result sets in a seperate window, and many other feature.
Please email your questions and comments to the address above.

  • Screen Shot:


Old Releases: